Sam Hawken

Author of La Frontera

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Sam Hawken’s first novel, The Dead Women of Juarez was published in the UK, France and Germany and shortlisted for the CWA “New Blood” Dagger Award 2011. He is also the author of Tequila Sunset, Juaréz Dance and Missing (forthcoming) and of a number of short stories. Sam Hawken’s fiction embraces a broad spectrum of genres and involves extensive research, authentic flavour and a devotion to dealing with issues both historical and contemporary. A native of South Texas, he currently resides near Washington, DC with his wife and son.

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“Sam Hawken follows the tradition of writers such as Louise Erdritch and her brilliant novel, Love Medicine with his novel, La Frontera. Hawken weaves three stories together to give us a remarkable portrait of South American and Mexican immigrants to the U.S., much as Erdritch did to deliver a glimpse into the Native American culture using the same literary technique. Read on a surface level, this is a terrific thriller; read on a literary level, this provides a much different and even more satisfying experience. This is a book you’ll keep on your bookshelf and read more than once.” – Les Edgerton

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