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 Sam Hawken


In La Frontera, Sam Hawken illuminates the darkest sides of the illegal migration issue, the cost in human life and dignity for the border crossers and the thin line of defenders who stand against the tide on the American side.
Ana Torres is a Texas Ranger assigned to a dusty outpost to protect the border. When she discovers the body of a dead crosser, the stage is set for an investigation and a confrontation in the nighttime desert.
Luis González lives on the Mexican side, helping those who seek a better life in the north while looking for peace in his own way.
Marisol Herrera, a border crosser, braves hardship and dangers on her journey from the high mountains of El Salvador to the sun-blasted flats of the Mexico/Texas border. She is alone, chasing a dream, but threatened by the realities of la frontera.
The stories of these three will intersect in the badlands of Texas. There will be death and pain and prices paid along the banks of the Rio Grande.


“A beautiful compassionate gruelling novel, as ferocious to read as it is soul wrenching.” – Ken Bruen





I must confess that having read both of Hawken’s previous books, I was not expecting any deviation from the accomplished and gripping style that permeates his writing. I was quite right in this assumption, as La Frontera, merely strengthens my admiration for his writing with its perfect rendition of not only location, but the sustained and probing characterisation that underscores a compelling plot. Excellent.” – Raven Crime Reads

“A fascinating, tense and engaging read.” – CrimeSquad

“This brilliantly written, dramatic but vicious novel will keep you on tenterhooks all the way to the end.” – Shots

La Frontera is a worthy addition to Hawken’s increasingly impressive portfolio.” Crime Fiction Lover ****

“A sprawling novel imbued not only with violence, heat, and murder, but also sadness and humanity. Mr. Hawken’s words will keep you hooked until the very last sentence. One of the finest crime novels this year.” – Sam Millar for New York Journal of Books


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